Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Warning: Picture overload.

Eliza and her cousin Kylee with their la la loopsy dolls ready for church!
We had to wake the kids up! Love Justins hair. He got it from his daddy!
Cheese for breakfast.
This must be Josh's elk head. It is hung in his brothers Man Cave.
We had the nativity in the Man Cave with about 75 people in attendance.
Angel is their middle name.

She was so proud of her gingerbread house!
This kid is a trip. He is hilarious.
The whole fam with Santa
"I want a huge princess castle." (thats not what he brought her.)
Josh caught them jumping into mid air.
Daddy's home!!
Ty is potty training!!! Ha ha, yeah right.... I wish! He looks like he is trying though!

The whole Anglesey family together at Thanksgiving.
the Mr. and Mrs.
My sister and Brother who is now in Italy serving in the airforce.
Don't ask
Good one, Dad...
He is having a hard time giving up breast feeding. It is always on his mind (and in his hand.)
We are slowly getting rid Josh's hobby. He finally got a litter of these beauties and only has a few left. Any takers! PLEASE???


Malerie said...

These pictures are great! How fun to have the whole fam together at Thanksgiving. We love your family! :)

jayna said...

YEAH! I love an update!! The babes are growing up- I died laughing at the picture with Ty's hand down your shirt!! Miss you.

Bockholt said...

You guys are so cute, love how snuggly you boys look. Good luck with the snakes.

Alisa said...

The hand on the boob is my fave. Great pics.

Ben and Carrie said...

Love all the pics, EXCEPT the snake one. Even baby snakes are not cute. Hope you get rid of them FAST.

Love the picture of Ty with his hand in the shirt- Lexi still likes to do that and she hasn't nursed in 1.5 years...