Thursday, February 7, 2008


So we had a ward luau last week and we just happened to have a mumu that Josh's parents got her when they were in Hawaii last. She was so cute and the life of the party!!


Okay, so we are playing catch up, but we thought we'd post a few recent photos of Eliza. We have been so busy lately, doing what I don't know. Josh has a hard time going to work these days when Eliza and I are "playing" at home. Eliza is so fun and getting such a personality. She is a "mamas girl" ( she cries when I leave the room).

This is Josh - My wife is a slave driver. Today she made me make my own batch of cookies. She also makes me change all the diapers and sometimes she even makes me breast feed the baby. She already has my weekend planned which consists of doing taxes so she can have money for remodeling our house then I have to clean the garage, scrape the ceileing, clean up dog poop, move the snakes, and take on a second job so I can support her shopping addiction. Thats the truth about our "perfect" little family. Woe is me.

Okay...... glad he got that out!! Eliza and I can't wait for Valentines so we can spoil the Daddy. He won't be doing any chores on that day!!!