Monday, August 25, 2008


A new one!! The way Im going the next post will be when Eliza goes to college!! So, we have been super busy. Josh is working like crazy. He is gone a lot more than we would like, but we so appreciate all his hard work and willingness to support our family. We got a chance to spend a week with my family and a week with Josh's family at the Oregon Coast. It was so much fun and good to see everyone. ( we missed the Evan's though!!) Here are some random pictures of our family since...... July i guess

The Fam at the beach.
Liza loved the sand. She couldn't get enough. Thanks Mindy and Ty for the cute suit from Hawaii!!
The water was FREEZING. She still couldn't get enough.
Sad face.
On the stairs. She's been climbing them for awhile now, but just learned to crawl down. It seems she learns something new everyday. She is walking 8 steps or so by herself, her favorite word is "dog-dog" and loves to "woof-woof" too. She loves to sing and do motions to songs and can't wait to lead the music on Sunday. (with help from daddy.)

Liza and Daddy- Notice her teeth. She has 8 and 2 mollars are poking through!!!
Cousins Kylee and Kyla. We had so much fun playing with them. They are only a couple months apart.
All the cousins. There are 42 plus one once removed!!
I wish this is what i looked like!! Josh's older sister Jenny and Liz.
Hiking at Cape lookout.

Liza when you say "hug your dolly"
Our "precious" dogs. Babe and Lizzy. They are good dogs, just a little destructive!!

When Eliza sees a fork, she insists on using it. Usually when this happens she ends up looking like this. She actually does get a few things in her mouth.
Daddy and Liza at our garage sale. I asked Josh to dress her, she has a million cute clothes and he came down with her in this. Jammies!!!!! (it was like 85 degrees that day!)