Thursday, October 22, 2009

Justin Joshua Volmer

Right before heading in.
Minutes after our boy was born.
Daddy and Eliza examining baby Justin.
The sweet boy.
The Volmer boys!

I realize I stink at blogging. This, however I figured was a good reason to post.

We had our sweet baby boy on Friday Oct. 16th at 7:57 p.m. He was 9 lbs 11 oz and 22 3/4".
Here is the boring (very short version) story if you care.
We had a planed C-section for Tuesday the 20th but we went to the doctor on Friday and I was having contractions 2 minutes apart. I was not dialated at all and my cervix was still so high we were worried my water would break over the weekend and it would turn into an emergency situation so we rushed to the hospital and had him a few days early!! The surgery went well and we escaped with very minor complications. We were shocked he was so small but we love having a baby that can wear the smaller clothes and diapers at birth. We debated on a name for the 3 days we were in the hospital and Justin wasn't even on our list, but it fits him and we like it.
He is such a good baby, has hardly cried at all and like Eliza sleeps through the night!! I am so lucky but we will see if it lasts. Eliza is a good big sister, loves to hold, kiss, and "wrestle" her brother. She is helpful and is constanly telling Justin she loves him. We are so glad he is finally here and so thankful for him and his safe arrival!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Yep Im Preggo. Yep its a BOY!! Yep were excited. There you go!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eliza goes potty

So lately, Eliza has expressed interest in the potty. She loves to flush and watch things go down. (luckily mostly toilet paper.) I decided that she is still a little young to be potty training, but I was at Target and decided to get a potty chair. We got home and she wouldn't leave the thing alone. She wanted to sit on it, put it on her head, put her toys in it. So when I went to change her diaper I sat her on it. She sat there for probably 20 minutes. I couldn't believe she sat there that long. I encouraged her to go, but no luck. Then when Josh got home we were getting her ready to go to bed and sat her on it again and she went!!! She was so excited and so were we. I know it will still be awhile but it's a start! Way to go Eliza!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eliza Paige...

We have been harassed to put up some recent pictures of Eliza. So here they are.
We love Eliza to death. She is such a fun and active little girl. Active is probably an understatement. She is CRAZY!!! She is so social, loves everyone and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She is very intelligent and picks up on things very fast. She has quite the vocabulary... her new favorite word is "no", "more" and "mine" here are a few more of her favorite words.... doggie, puppy, mommy, daddy, hot, boot, eye, nose, apple, ut ohh, nana, papa. She also signs a few words like hungry, all done, bird, more.
She loves books and can sit in the car for hours "reading" them, as we found when we drove the 15 hours to Utah. Here a few "recent" pictures of Liza.

I love that her hair fits into a ponytail. Look at all that hair!!

Eliza loves her friends. This is her and Kendall from church.

Our little Family at Thanksgiving.

Eliza LOVES ladders. Actually anything she can climb on. This was at Lowes. I wasn't watching for 30 seconds and there she was on the third step.

My parents and all the grandkids. That was a wild day!

Liza and her two cousins. It was fun to see them play together.

Oh, uncle Adam. We wish we could see you more often!

Eliza loves animals. She is obsessed with our two dogs. Sometimes Ill come in the kitchen and she is reading them books. She lays all over them and likes to ride them like a horse. We got to see a real horse and she loved riding him and touching his skin.

Halloween. She was a skunk. A very stinky skunk.

Carving pumpkins. She loves her daddy.

She is sassy!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthing Pups

I know... totally lame that I haven't posted and now I'm posting about our dog giving birth. It is 4:02 a.m. and the puppy count is 6. (since 2 a.m.) 4 yellows, 2 chocolates. No Blacks yet!! Oh, wait...... another chocolate...7 total.

Babe having contractions

The night before