Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eliza goes potty

So lately, Eliza has expressed interest in the potty. She loves to flush and watch things go down. (luckily mostly toilet paper.) I decided that she is still a little young to be potty training, but I was at Target and decided to get a potty chair. We got home and she wouldn't leave the thing alone. She wanted to sit on it, put it on her head, put her toys in it. So when I went to change her diaper I sat her on it. She sat there for probably 20 minutes. I couldn't believe she sat there that long. I encouraged her to go, but no luck. Then when Josh got home we were getting her ready to go to bed and sat her on it again and she went!!! She was so excited and so were we. I know it will still be awhile but it's a start! Way to go Eliza!!