Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sitting and eating

I am way behind but I wanted to update Eliza's latest doings. She has been sitting up on her own for about a month and started eating foods about 2 weeks ago. She is growing so fast!!

My two front teeth....

So right before we left for Disneyland, I noticed a tiny tooth popping up out of Eliza's little gums. The next day the one next door showed up. Now they are two perfectly straight bottom teeth. She is so cute when she smiles and all you can see is those little pearly whites! Sorry the picture is blurry!!

Disneyland..... kinda

I know it has been so long since i have posted. We have been so busy. We got a chance to go to "Disneyland" aka anaheim with Josh on a business trip. It was so fun and relaxing even though Josh worked most the time. We were put up in a nice hotel and ate a lot!! We were only 2 blocks from Disneyland, but didn't even go. We figured we would be there again and Eliza is too young to enjoy it!! We went to the San Diego Zoo with my college friends Jaime and Alisa. Soooo fun to see them and their kids. Chubbie and Addie are so stinkin cute..... Thanks girls for a fun time!!!! We went to the beach a couple times and shopped (more than Josh wanted too) It was a nice, needed vacation!!!!