Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eliza Paige...

We have been harassed to put up some recent pictures of Eliza. So here they are.
We love Eliza to death. She is such a fun and active little girl. Active is probably an understatement. She is CRAZY!!! She is so social, loves everyone and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She is very intelligent and picks up on things very fast. She has quite the vocabulary... her new favorite word is "no", "more" and "mine" here are a few more of her favorite words.... doggie, puppy, mommy, daddy, hot, boot, eye, nose, apple, ut ohh, nana, papa. She also signs a few words like hungry, all done, bird, more.
She loves books and can sit in the car for hours "reading" them, as we found when we drove the 15 hours to Utah. Here a few "recent" pictures of Liza.

I love that her hair fits into a ponytail. Look at all that hair!!

Eliza loves her friends. This is her and Kendall from church.

Our little Family at Thanksgiving.

Eliza LOVES ladders. Actually anything she can climb on. This was at Lowes. I wasn't watching for 30 seconds and there she was on the third step.

My parents and all the grandkids. That was a wild day!

Liza and her two cousins. It was fun to see them play together.

Oh, uncle Adam. We wish we could see you more often!

Eliza loves animals. She is obsessed with our two dogs. Sometimes Ill come in the kitchen and she is reading them books. She lays all over them and likes to ride them like a horse. We got to see a real horse and she loved riding him and touching his skin.

Halloween. She was a skunk. A very stinky skunk.

Carving pumpkins. She loves her daddy.

She is sassy!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthing Pups

I know... totally lame that I haven't posted and now I'm posting about our dog giving birth. It is 4:02 a.m. and the puppy count is 6. (since 2 a.m.) 4 yellows, 2 chocolates. No Blacks yet!! Oh, wait...... another chocolate...7 total.

Babe having contractions

The night before