Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is it really almost June???

Okay... I admit I am terrible about keeping up on this blog but you have to give me a break when I don't even have a computer in my house!! I figured I should post a bunch of pictures since Eliza is now 2 months older than the last time I posted. We have been keeping busy with the house, pups, bees, etc. Sorry about all the pictures at once, but we are playing catch up!!

We went to Tri-cities last weekend and Ben and Steph were there and so we got to see Zac and Kylee. Here is Kylee and Liza.... they are about 6 weeks apart... Kylee is such a cutie and oh so chunky. She out weighs Eliza for sure!!
Babe had her third litter of pups. 1 chocolate, 4 yellows and 4 blacks. We were disappointed we didn't get more chocolates, but oh well. they are now 4 weeks and I can't wait till they are gone!!

Liza loves the pups!! She tugs on their ears and pulls their fur. They are good sports!

This was a rare sunny day in Seattle. It is beautiful when its sunny!

Liza and I got a chance to visit with Jill and the kids. They are all so cute and fun to be around. Too bad Liza was cranky the whole time. We miss you guys!

Liza pinning Kylee. She liked to scratch her eyes and put her finger up her nose....Kylee is really too lazy to do anything about it. (just like her uncle josh)

We went to our friends wedding. It was a cold day and again.... Liza was cranky.....

Told ya!!! She had had it by this time. Oh wait......
The reception just put her over the edge. Good thing the bride and groom look so good!!

We have so much fun when we are with Grandma. We wish we could see her more. Josh's elk head finally got done at the taxidermist. We don't have room for it in our small house (darn) so he put it up at sportsman's warehouse. It is HUGE!! the only good thing about it is that if Josh really wants it in our next house, we will have to have vaulted ceilings and a bigger house.
Liza loves her Grandpa Volmer. She lets him sing to her and sits on his lap and likes it.
Josh was teaching Eliza to rap.

She does look cute in the hat though!

Poor Josh. He works all day and then comes home and works on the house.
Will it ever be done???
Ready for some sunshine. (notice she is wearing a full on snow suit in May!!)
Isaiah loves his cousin. Liza just woke up and he thought she needed her hair brushed. We love and miss you dude!!
She learned how to "fake cry." She is really laughing but her face is looks so sad. She is like her daddy.... a piece of work!!!

Eliza sitting up in a chair at a restaurant without a booster or help. She's already showing signs of being independent.
We just love Eliza (as you can see). She is such a joy in our lives and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She is growing up so fast... she crawls and eats by herself.... she is just so much fun.


Bockholt said...

Eliza is soooo cute! She is so big, I can hardly believe Kylee outweighs her. I was wondering how much you are selling your pups for, and when you start adevertising. Down here in Logan will probably get an adverage of 300 a pup, I think. How do you survive having them around. We've had our pups for ummm 4days and I now want to move out of my house. I dont know if Ill be able to hold on to my sanity, let me know if you have any tips.

Jennifer said...

Oh how I love that girl!

jayna said...

Yeah! I was beginning to think you had fallen off the earth! Eliza is SOO cute! And so grown up! You look beautiful too Eri!

Shelli said...

Eliza is just so adorable. Man. Love the photos, glad you guys are doing well!

Keli'i and Megan said...

So cute, Erin! I think she may be the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Malerie said...

She looks like she has quite the personality. what a darling girl! Wish we could get our girls together to play! someday...

Diana & CJ said...

I love the cranky pictures, Erin you are freakin' hillarious. And you house looks like it is coming along nicely. As for the finished part-I don't think they ever really get fully finished. Even after so many years of living in ours there is always some little project that never got finished.

By theway Babe's puppies are so cute. How fun for Liza to have them all to play with.

Stephanie said...

That picture of your friends holding Eliza at their wedding is the best. It was so good to see you guys and maybe next time we see you Kylee will be able to pull her own weight and pummel Eliza a little.

The Prigmore Family said...

Liza and puppies!!! Ultra cute! the big buck...not so cute. WHAT?! Seriously erin you have to put that beauty up in your living room. What a great conversation piece. When are you coming back down? How bout next week k?

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh! Josh you have a beautiful family! So this awesome blog through Jordan who had Ben Andos' Blog and I saw yours on it! Crazy world! Oh bytheway, this is Jenny use to be Christensen no it's Thurston. How old is your little girl, so dang cute! I have a 7 months old boy, so much fun! It was great seeing what you're up to!